Velvet and Elvis by Stephanie Bowman

Posted July 14th, 2010 in Tuna News

American Artist and eel campaigner Stephanie Bowman is touring New Zealand to raise awareness regarding the longfin eel’s biological and cultural significance in order to save it from extinction.

Stephanie is working with groups in New Zealand and beyond to create a looooooooooong eel appliqué tapestry that will be displayed in public spaces throughout New Zealand.

See how your school, class, group, family, etc. can be involved in creating a section of this ‘Traveling Tuna Tapestry’ for display all around New Zealand. Our goal is to make it long enough to wrap around the Beehive, sail it to Tonga, later return each section to the people who made it to keep as a korowai, and have the eels get national media attention!”

Click on the image below to read Stephanie Bowmans Book, Velvet & Elvis
Velvet and Elvis

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  1. kati doehring says:

    Hi there,

    great homepage and well done! Absolutely necessary!

    Where could I order and buy both children books from?


    • ManaakiTuna says:


      A hardcopy of my Mary’s article would have to be a copy of that journal edition (School Journal * Part 4 * Number 2 * 2010 ) it is published in.

      Copies can be ordered from the Ministry of Education Customer Services,
      freephone 0800 660 662,
      freefax 0800 660 663,
      by email: [email protected] or
      online at http://www.thwchair.minedu.govt.nz

      please quote number SJ4210

      Stephanie’s book is still in press, so we’ll update as soon as its available.

  2. Liz Brown says:

    Hi Stephanie

    I think your book is awesome! Im a lover of longfinn eels and we’re lucky to have some on our patch in Wellington. Im a teacher and Ive brought several groups of children to view them and to learn about these amazing creatures.