Want to Learn More or help spread the word? Our education section provides further resources to increase awareness of the plight of the Longfin Eel. All content provided here may be used for educational purposes.

Stories and Books

Velvet and Elvis by Stephanie Bowman

02Velvet and Elvis is a Mother and Son story of New Zealand’s Longfin Eel  written and illustrated by American Artist and eel campaigner Stephanie Bowman. Stephanie is touring New Zealand to raise awareness regarding the longfin eel’s biological and cultural significance in order to save it from extinction. Stephanie is working with groups in New Zealand and beyond to create a looooooooooong eel appliqué tapestry that will be displayed in public spaces throughout New Zealand.

Find out more and read Velvet and Elvis online here.
Download a  powerpoint copy of Velvet and Elvis for presentations (7.5mb).

Pacific Paradise by Mary Campbell

Pacific ParadiseMary Campbell recently had an article about the New Zealand longfin eel published by Learning Media for their NZ school Journal (Part 4, Number 1).The New Zealand School Journal goes out to all New Zealand schools. Part 4 Number 1, 2010, tells kids about the life history and plight of the longfin eel, with beautiful illustrations by artist Elspeth Alix Batt and text by Mary Campbell.
Read Pacific Paradise online here. 

Tuna Kuwharuwharu Longfin Eel by Joseph Potangaroa

pdf (771kb)

This resource tells the story of the tuna kuwharuwharu, the New Zealand longfin eel. Tuna kuwharuwharu are one of New Zealand’s most ancient inhabitants but have decreased in number so rapidly that it is now nearing endangered status.

Learn how tuna went from being considered a gift from the gods by Māori to a pest by trout fishermen.

Facts about tuna and its incredible life cycle are provided. Who would think that a fish could live over 100 years? There are sections on threats and reasons for Tuna decline. These are followed by ways that we can help tuna numbers to increase.

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