About us: Manaaki Tuna

Manaaki Tuna is a multi-disciplinary group comprised of academics, teachers and researchers from Massey University, iwi, hapu and environmental groups who have joined forces to address the plight of the tuna – the longfin eel. The group supports the call for a moratorium (rahui) on the commercial harvest of the tuna initiated by freshwater ecologist, Dr Mike Joy, and will look at ways to link ecosystem science and matauranga Maori perspectives with community management approaches required to protect the species.

The group has extensive experience in fisheries science, environmental policy and law, Maori cultural/environmental perspectives, Matauranga Maori, community based research and engagement, mediation, and co-management initiatives.

Manaaki Tuna are working in conjunction with iwi and hapu, NGO's such as Forest and Bird, and other freshwater scientists in order to achieve our mandate.1